Jane Ann Davis


Kindergarten Aid

[email protected]

Favorite Saint: Mary, Blessed Virgin Mother…..She was always my mom’s favorite saint so I grew up hearing little sayings about her, always celebrating her holy days,  liking her songs best and we also had a few different paintings of her.

Favorite Outside-Of-Work Activity:  Boating with family.

Favorite Moment at OLL: Christmas program – now and when my kids were here!

Favorite Children’s Book: “Good Night Moon”  because I read it to my kids a million times!!

Favorite Place In Minnesota: Used to be downtown Minneapolis cause growing up we had so many field trips there and then I did the same with my kids.  But now it’s Enchanted Island….why?  Because it’s Enchanted Island !!  (and I live there)

Qualities Your Favorite Teacher Possessed:  Miss Krusie played the piano in class when we arrived and during rest time.  She was my 2nd grade teacher and had the sweetest kindest voice!  Plus she lived in an apartment in the city – how cool is that?

When/how you knew you wanted to work in Education:  When my kids were at school here and I fell in love with OLL!

Education:  UW Stout.  Hotel Restaurant Management I am addicted to OLL!  We have been parishioners for 30 years and both my children went here.  I truly feel blessed to be able to work here!

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