Parent Testimonials

This was our first year at OLL and both our girls have had a FABULOUS year! They both loved their teachers, made great friends and seemed to get  individual attention any time they needed it. I was nervous about my 4th grader joining an already established class but she was welcomed by all the kids and blended in easily and quickly and loves her new friends. The staff and admin at OLL is so kind and helpful with great communication. The families we’ve gotten to know have been so fun and include us in their gatherings. We consider ourselves to be very blessed to have such a special place for our kids to be every day, and top it off with a faith-based education. They are already excited to go back again next year! 

Dan & Shelby Hayes

All three of our children attended OLL for some part of their education. Our youngest is currently in 5th grade. He transferred in from public school at the start of 4th grade and was immediately welcomed by his classmates and the school as a whole. So much so that at the end of his first day of school he told us that he had promised his new best friend that he would stay at OLL until the end of 8th grade. We certainly intend to live up to that promise!

It’s not just the classroom that’s a welcoming environment, it’s all the activities inside of school and out that bring the kids and the families closer together. It’s such a wonderful feeling of community.  As our son says, at OLL, he found “his place.”

Steve & Angela Wrede

Our Lady of the Lake is more than just a School and Church in a small town. It is a large family made up of diverse individuals with common Christian beliefs and ideas. It feels like it is the center of the City of Mound, as it hosts numerous events throughout the year that draw community members from outside the school and church doors. Everyone in town knows someone or at one time was connected to Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School.

Inside OLL school, our children have a close interpersonal relationship with fellow peers, teachers and administrative staff. They grow together throughout the years with those around them and with their focus and belief in God.

We love being a part of the OLL Family and encourage those interested to join this wonderful school.

Brian & Christine Sloat

We have been blessed with our time at OLL.

The blended learning classroom approach was a key factor in choosing OLL. Already in 1st and 2nd grade, Owen receives small group advanced math tutoring while remaining in his classroom with his friends. He is so energized in seeing what he can do he that often works ahead and sets his own goals for finishing math lessons in the classroom software. It builds his confidence.

OLL is a happy place with children who see their peers and teachers living the values of praising God, working hard, and loving one another. It’s a carefully tended culture. Owen is challenged in his education and developed socially, emotionally, and faithfully, all in a school day. That is the difference we stay for.

Daynita & Luke Smith

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