Preschool is a time for learning in a secure environment with teachers who will help your child develop a love for learning.  With this goal in mind, Our Lady of the Lake’s Preschool Program provides your child with the best possible first educational experience.  Our students learn through direct teacher instruction with developmentally appropriate learning activities.  In an atmosphere of consistency and security, your child will thrive.

OLL is a Catholic school and you can be assured that your Christian values will be reflected in your child’s education from the start.  Our faith-based mission allows our professional staff of teachers to focus on the development of the whole child in the truest sense: physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual.

The day is balanced between structured learning and learning through free play.  At OLL, Preschool students discover that there is much to learn and that learning is fun.

Advantages of OLL Catholic Preschool

  • A positive approach to Spiritual, intellectual, social and behavioral development.
  • Superior educational foundation aligned with a rigorous curriculum.
  • Enrichment classes including Spanish, Physical Education & Music taught by specialist teachers in each of these areas.
  • Small class size.
  • Professional teachers.
  • Development of self-confidence.

All parents want the best for their children.  The best in Preschool education is available in the excellent foundation provided by Our Lady of the Lake Preschool Program.

At Our Lady of the Lake we use the Creative Curriculum.  On the basis of scientific research and state and professional standards, The Creative Curriculum identifies the knowledge, skills, and concepts important for preschool children to acquire in each content area: literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts, technology.

We describe the key components of these content areas:

  • Literacy: vocabulary and language, phonological awareness, letters, words, print, comprehension, books and other texts, and sources of enjoyment
  • Mathematics: numbers; patterns and relationships; geometry and spatial awareness; measurement; and data collection, organization, and representation
  • Science: physical science, life science, and earth and the environment
  • Social Studies: spaces and geography, people and how they live, people and the environment, and people and the past
  • Religion: early Bible stories that engage preschoolers in Catholic Faith in a lively and colorful manner
  • The Arts: dance, music, drama, and the visual arts
  • Technology: awareness of technology, basic operations and concepts, technological tools, and people and technology
  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) : teaching self awareness skills to manage emotions, behavior, and relationships

At Our Lady of the Lake, we believe the foundation of religion is the conviction that God is always present in our daily lives. Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School builds the student’s faith in the one loving triune God through developing an understanding of the basic truths of the Church.  OLL students are taught prayers, Bible stories, and stories of Saints and Holy men and women of the Bible.  Prayer and the teachings of the church are woven throughout each day.  All students attend Mass once a month .

We use a religion curriculum for children between 3, 4 and 5 years of age. The curriculum presents the Catholic faith to preschool children in a lively, colorful manner founded on two unifying key truths: God and creation. It stresses the dignity of each child made in God’s image. It also presents the faith in terms and activities children understand. Included with each lesson are home activities.

Class Options

  • Class A: T/Th Morning (8:50-11:30) Recommended for 3 year olds
  • Class B: T/Th Full Day (8:50-3:15) Recommended for 3 year olds
  • Class C: M/W/F Morning (8:50-11:30) Recommended for any age
  • Class D: M/W/F Full Day (8:50-3:15) Recommended for 4 year olds
  • Class E: M-F Full Day (8:50-3:15) Recommended for any age.

Preschool Readiness Guidelines

In preparation for your child’s readiness to enter the Our Lady of the Lake environment we have collaborated to identify key readiness guidelines. The key essential readiness goals noted below are recommended for your child’s success prior to your child starting Preschool.

  • Separates successfully from parents or caregivers
  • Able to attend to all toilet needs. including pulling pants up and down and wiping
  • Demonstrates a desire to care for oneself, especially in dressing
  • Walks carefully and controls one’s movements, when asked
  • Be able to communicate needs verbally
  • Listens and complies with simple directions from an adult
  • Focuses on and completes an activity for a reasonable amount of time
  • Maintains eye contact during a brief conversation
  • 34 months old by September 1st and 3 years old before starting


The program is designed to meet the needs of parents by offering a safe, accessible and affordable school-based program. OLL+ makes it easy to provide your child with opportunities for fun, socializing and learning. Your child will have the opportunity to do homework, participate in group activities and more.

Plus, with our convenient hours, 7:00 am – 5:30 pm, and breakfast and snack service it is easy for your child (and you!) to get into a routine. In addition, our program includes inclement weather and limited holiday or other breaks from school support. 

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