Laura Eckert



[email protected]

Favorite Saint: John Melchior Bosco, I love how hard he worked for the education of children, how he used methods based on love to teach. 

Favorite Outside-Of-Work Activity: I enjoy walking with my husband and my son. 

Favorite Moment at OLL: The Baptism of my son and looking forward to making memories in class with my students!

Favorite Children’s Book: “Just in Case You Ever Wonder.”

Favorite Place In Minnesota: Grand Marais, such a relaxing place to slow down and enjoy time with family. 

Qualities Your Favorite Teacher Possessed: Responsible, caring and loving.

When/how you knew you wanted to work in Education: I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was in high school, I joined a volunteer group, and one of the goals was teaching kids about God’s Love. Right from that moment I knew God’s place for me was in the classroom.

Anything else you would like to share with families: I am so excited to start the school year and make the Spanish classroom a fun place to learn!

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