Kristyn Lacina


Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

[email protected]

Favorite Saint: Saint Theresa of Calcutta for her work with the poor.

Favorite Outside-Of-Work Activity:  Camping with family

Favorite Moment at OLL: Marathon bike rides around Lake Langdon when I was a kid. 

Favorite Children’s Book: “Big Chickens” by Leslie Helakoski because it was my kids’ favorite book to read to them when they were little.

Favorite Place In Minnesota: Anywhere my family is.

Qualities Your Favorite Teacher Possessed:  An enjoyment for teaching and a calm, compassionate way with children.

When/how you knew you wanted to work in Education:  From little on, when we played “school” as kids I was always the teacher.

Education:  Rasmussen College Childcare Certificate I am excited to start the new school year and can’t wait to meet everyone!

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